What can be said about this past year? Let’s see if I can sum it up in short order.

  • I support the NYPD (and all law enforcement actually) and believe if you are caught in the situations the criminals were this past year you should obey the officer. End of story. Please move on.
  • All lives matter.
  • We lost some good people this year. Jimi Jamison, Robin Williams, Lauren Bacall, Joe Cocker, Tom Maggliozzi, Jack Bruce, James Garner and Mickey Rooney.
  • There is more to the airplanes that disappeared than I think we know. Seems odd and too frequent.
  • I’ve had about enough of the bad news shown on the newscasts of late. Does anyone do anything nice anymore? (Yes I know the answer, just don’t see enough of it).
  • The divide in the USA is getting bigger, and I don’t think it’s going to stop. Does not bode well for the country.
  • Looking forward to a great 2015.

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