Personal / Thursday, December 24th, 2015

I’m getting an early start on 2016 and the things I want to change both in my life and around me.

Music – I recently bought some musical gear to rekindle my desire to write and record music. I’ll spend more time on that this year and hopefully I’ll post some songs before the year is out.

Relax – the pace of life these days is so fast I want to spend more time this year living at a slower pace. Reading non-digital books, writing a little and generally unplugging

Get up early – I’ve read many books and posts on the benefits of getting up early. This year I’ll make a strong effort to make that a reality.

Exercise – Yes, that old nugget. More exercise and more often. I probably need to set a goal like a 5K or something. Hard to imagine that at this point with my knees but who knows. That would signal I really could do anything.