Proper training of staff (and clients) is a critical part of today’s business execution. Purchasing and implementing expensive and comprehensive software is only part of the process. The efficient and thorough use of the software and internal protocols cannot be understated as a regular part of day to day work and to make the most of the financial outlay.

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In 2019 “big data” is not just a buzzword. It’s the future. Being able to qualify and quantify your decisions using data that is constantly updated and relevant should be the starting point for all major, and some minor, business decisions. Making sense of the datasets is a relatively new discipline, one in which I can assist at an accomplished level.

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The downside of working for one church or non-profit is usually you only see and experience the way that particular ministry or NPO operates. There is nothing wrong with going deep into one organization. Specific knowledge of how your ministry or organization work sis a good thing. But you can’t grow if you aren’t exposed to different ways of doing business.

That’s where I can help.