Day 3 – Quarantine – News – Is It Worth It?

Been reading more and more posts and news articles on whether this whole quarantine/shelter in place is worth the economic hardship that will most certainly come. In those articles I’ve seen some fairly lucid arguments for quarantining the groups of people who are most vulnerable and allowing the rest to use their judgement on how to proceed.

In other words, if you have to come in contact with an immune-compromised person, or a child, or an elderly person you should probably not move around at all. If you have none of those situations, then feel free to go about your business. Basically putting the responsibility of staying healthy on the people who would suffer the most, themselves.

That seems like a smart way of handling the possible infection but I think we’re concerned that some will not heed the warnings as they should and the spread will increase. A different version of “if all can’t do it, then none can do it”. Not necessarily my favorite reason for not being able to do something.

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