I’ve just returned this past Friday from a disaster relief mission trip to Groves, TX. The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey is still being dealt with by the residents of this small town just northeast of Port Arthur.There are many homes still needing assistance and a family attached to each one. We witnessed whole neighborhoods affected by 4+ feet of water and the damage that much water can do. We were able to make a small dent in the workload by helping 5 different families make the next steps towards getting back into their house. Here are a few pictures from the trip.

Front Row (L-R) – Alyssa, May, Paula, Nancy, Cam, Mary Joe, Kenny & Paul Back Row – Jim, Phillip, Matt, Mark, Ross.

The team above made the hard work (and I mean HARD WORK) that much more fun.

We went on behalf of the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief organization through Bellevue Baptist Church.

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