Looking Forward

Featured, Personal / Wednesday, December 20th, 2017

I turned 55 this past October. Didn’t think that would be much of a big deal but this birthday affected me more than hitting 40 or 50. Those are supposedly the ones that cause more heartache but the big 55 was worse. Not sure why but it made me really think about mortality and exactly what we, and specifically me, are here for.

I’ll spare you the other existential pieces of the conversation in my head and just say this. 2018 will be the year of giving back. I’ve been blessed beyond measure and I want to relate some of what I’ve learned, talents and skills I’ve been given and more.

How will this manifest itself? Good question. Not 100% sure yet but I will try to provide value in all I do and share what and when I can.

I’ve got big plans in the works for many different areas and I can’t wait to start rolling out things that I hope will make your 2018 better.

Thanks to all my friends and supporters. You know who you are.

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