The Old Neighborhood – Part II – The House Next Door

Actually I guess the post should be called the House That ‘Used’ To Be Next Door as it as since been torn down. The two story brick building that used to stand at 1292 Jefferson was many things while I lived next door. It was a realty company and then a set of apartments that had a wide range of humanity occupy it’s meager rooms. I only remember going inside one time in all those years and I don’t even remember why. I think something had fallen out one of the windows into our driveway and I returned it. Seems like it was an elderly lady, not sure.

There was no shortage of items that would fall out of the windows, including a large piece of metal that took a nice slice of the paint off of the black Ford Escort I used to drive. I don’t remember a person ever falling out but it wouldn’t have surprised me. The list of characters who lived in the house was nothing short of amazing. At one point a transvestite shot and killed his/her (who knows) lover. Took them 3 days to find the body. During one hot summer night a naked guy with shampoo in his hair was chased by an almost naked guy down the sidewalk with a butcher knife. Never a dull moment in the old neighborhood. Mom wouldn’t let me hang out on the front porch much after that. Not sure why, it was better than TV. Of course that was before the Kardashians.

Next episode: The Night of the Police Raid.

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  1. I always knew I loved your stories of growing up in Memphis way more than mine, and now I know why…

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