I find myself listening to a lot of older Memphis music lately. Well, one older CD and a new release of an old album.

This album which came out in 1987 is a complete mix of Jimmy’s early days with the band Nexus, who were made to change their name by the haircare product company of the same name. My friends and I would see them every time they played around Memphis, including amazing sets at the old Bombay Bicycle Club in Overton Square. Standout tracks are the title track “Kick the Wall” and the opening “Catch My Heart” The CD can still be purchased and is worth being added to your collection. Jimmy still tours and is currently in the Netherlands supporting his latest solo album Beagles In The Country.

The second of the two is Target’s In Range. Recorded back in 1979 and only recently released it’s considered a lost album. Well. I for one am glad they found it. Sounds like it could have been recorded just a few years ago. Jimi Jamison’s (Survivor, Cobra) vocals are perfect and the band sounds as tight as they have ever sounded. If you like straight ahead guitar oriented rock with great hooks give this one a listen. My favorites are “Taxman” and “Tightwire”.

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