What I’ve Learned Lately

Opinion / Wednesday, November 14th, 2018

This last few months have taught me a few things about human behavior, politics and the world in which we live. Maybe not taught me as much as opened my eyes to the way we as a society have changed.

Here are a few in no particular order.

  • There is no shame anymore. Where we used to ‘hold our tongue’ we have no problem saying whatever we feel like. To whomever we feel like saying it to.
  • Boundaries are apparently for old fashioned folks. Too bad, they’re needed now more than ever. That goes for morals too.
  • We really are a divided country. Very divided.
  • We have dug in when it comes to our opinions. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence and common sense (remember that?) some people are so entrenched in their way of thinking they will not change their mind. I guess they see it as a weakness. Quite the contrary, it takes courage to admit you were originally wrong.
  • Can you imagine a person at anytime before 2000 openly threatening the President, or harassing political leaders in restaurants? That’s just a somewhat random date, I’m not really sure when we left the rails on this one.
  • On the other spectrum I have seen more and more videos of people helping other people. Also plenty of stories of heroes, as in the guys who put themselves between the shooter and young women at the bar in Thousand Oaks. People helping to rescue animals in dangerous situations.
  • I cannot understand the appeal of socialism. At all. Ever.
  • This one might be a smidgen controversial. Not sure I understand the whole ‘get out the vote’ message. If you have to be reminded and pestered before you will go vote, are you really going to have the knowledge to make an informed choice?
  • Is there anything better than those videos of soldiers coming home, especially to children that were born while they were deployed?
  • Adele can really sing. Still not sure? Listen to “When We Were Young

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