With the proliferation of podcasts, blogs, Instagram and Facebook, the lonely website doesn’t seem to get much love these days. They are still, and will continue to be, a powerful force in marketing your brand. Whether your brand is a company, or you individually, the unique pieces of a well designed website are still important.

Long form copy – Social media platforms usually give you a few paragraphs or less to get your information across. Long Facebook posts are probably not read by many. But visitors to your website expect to get their questions answered. Having unlimited space, pages, and posts, give you the ability to answer those questions easily.

Forms – while Facebook allows a single way to communicate specific information (subscribe, email, signup, etc.) a website can have multiple ways to get information from clients and future clients.

Photo galleries – depending on your business, the ability to display multiple images within dedicated galleries is a luxury your website can easily provide. Sizing, grouping and more are all within your control.

Storefront – your website can either point directly to your online store, or can be your online store. A great experience for your customer is to be able to read all about your service or item, and be able to purchase easily with just a few clicks.

I use social media in most of my advertising, but nothing compares to the options available with a well designed website.

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