About Me

I am passionate about how technology and data can transform businesses and lives. My more than 2 decades in technology focused positions have helped to make me a difference and to move companies and products forward. Through a consultative approach I am able to drive improvement and change within a defined organizational structure.


My experience and qualifications


Ministry Brands, — Dir. of Product Strategy – Enterprise Division |  Ministry Brands, — EVP / Church Management Systems | …

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Product/Project Management –  Software Implementation –  Strategic Planning –  Problem Solving –  Data Analysis –  Fiscal Budgeting –  Training

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I have ‘specialist’ to ‘expert’ proficiency in the following applications and disciplines. Microsoft Office 365   4/5 Relational Databases Microsoft SQL …

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Proper training of staff (and clients) is a critical part of today’s business execution. Purchasing and implementing expensive and comprehensive software is only part of the process. The efficient and thorough use of the software and internal protocols cannot be understated as a regular part of day to day work and to make the most of the financial outlay.

I can put together a plan for you.


In 2019 “big data” is not just a buzzword. It’s the future. Being able to qualify and quantify your decisions using data that is constantly updated and relevant should be the starting point for all major, and some minor, business decisions. Making sense of the datasets is a relatively new discipline, one in which I can assist at an accomplished level.

Let’s work together.


The downside of working for one church or non-profit is usually you only see and experience the way that particular ministry or NPO operates. There is nothing wrong with going deep into one organization. Specific knowledge of how your ministry or organization work sis a good thing. But you can’t grow if you aren’t exposed to different ways of doing business.

That’s where I can help.


  • I had the pleasure of working with Mark for over 15 years and I can say it was a true joy. Mark is passionate at serving others, whether it be colleagues or customers. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience and shares this freely to help others. He is a compassionate thoughtful leader who works with his team to enable them to succeed. He is hard working, diligent and creative at solving problems. Mark would be a tremendous asset to any organization and I am honored to have worked with him in the past. I highly recommend Mark to anyone who may have the opportunity to work with him.

    Steve Pruitt –  General Manager – Shelby Systems

    I have worked closely with Mark White for many years and have cherished every moment of our professional experience together. Mark is full of incredible knowledge and experience all while being a joy to work with. We have navigated highly complex items together (and some less complex) and I have always been impressed by Mark’s thoughtfulness and ability to make sure his fellow executives think in a deep and holistic manner. I can mention many words to describe Mark but intelligent, hard working, winsome, and caring (for the customer and fellow colleagues) jump out. I would gladly recommend Mark to anyone who may have the privilege of working with him.

    Josh Weis – Executive Vice President – Ministry Brands