The Cities, Towns and Villages of Our Trip ?>

The Cities, Towns and Villages of Our Trip

Here are some of the small towns and villages we visited on our trip. We traveled from the big city of San Salvador to the small fishing village of San Luis Talpa close to the Pacific Ocean. The country is beautiful.

The Mission ?>

The Mission

I’ll be posting more images and maybe a few videos from our trip to El Salvador in the coming days and weeks. I wanted to put this one up as I think it sets the tone for the series. It’s the Mission Statement of the center. Here is the statement translated. Facilitating the integrated development of children in the community, knowing our God and giving them the tools so that they can excel in this world of sin and suitable to…

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San Miguel El Salvador – Day 2 ?>

San Miguel El Salvador – Day 2

We visited ES950 today which is about 1.5 hours from San Miguel. This center is just getting started but they are on their way to becoming a wonderful place for the children to learn, to be evaluated as to growth and health and to learn about Jesus. They sang us songs and had us all stand up and introduce ourselves and our favorite animal. I’ll post more as we have time. P.S. Easily the hottest sun I’ve felt.

Arrival Day – Sunday ?>

Arrival Day – Sunday

We’re going to blame this on Becky but we had some slight travel issues with our flight. About a 2 hour delay with at least one plane reboot. No kidding, I think the maintenance crew shut down and restarted the nav system. We made it safe and sound with about a 2 hour bus ride to the hotel. Off to breakfast and the adventures of the day.

El Salvador Mission Trip ?>

El Salvador Mission Trip

Tomorrow starts my mission trip to San Salvador, El Salvador. I’m looking forward to a new appreciation of this vast and varied world in which we live. I’ve been told these are the types of trips that will change your live for the better and give you a different world view. I’m open to that possibility and what that could mean for me personally and for those I interact with daily. Let’s go.

NIK Photo Editing Software Is Now Free ?>

NIK Photo Editing Software Is Now Free

Google’s purchase of NIK back in 2015 has now given us the ability to download without charge. The product was originally $499, Google reduced to $149 and now all the way down to free! Download the complete suite here.

2016 ?>


I’m getting an early start on 2016 and the things I want to change both in my life and around me. Music – I recently bought some musical gear to rekindle my desire to write and record music. I’ll spend more time on that this year and hopefully I’ll post some songs before the year is out. Relax – the pace of life these days is so fast I want to spend more time this year living at a slower…

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