What I’m Listening To

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I find myself listening to a lot of older Memphis music lately. Well, one older CD and a new release of an old album. This album which came out in 1987 is a complete mix of Jimmy’s early days with the band Nexus, who were made to change their name by the haircare product company […]

October 28, 2017

Favorite Albums – Frampton Comes Alive

Memories, Music, Review

This album made me want to play guitar more than any other (except maybe the first Van Halen album) because of Frampton’s melodic approach to songs. The first track included an introduction for Frampton as an ‘honorary member of San Francisco society” and goes right into one of the best tracks on the double-live album, […]

November 28, 2014

Favorite Albums – Van Halen

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I distinctly remember buying this album just as it was released in 1978. My friend, and drummer at the time, John Bryant and I took his orange pickup truck to Peaches Records and Tapes on Park. After buying the album, which I think cost about $9, we drove back to John’s house to listen to […]

November 26, 2014

Tools I Use

Review, Tech

Update: A great new resource has come out that reviews a few items that I have used but didn’t make this earlier post. There are some great tips and how-to’s included. Check it out here. (h/t to Laura S). Lifehacker has a wonderful (sometimes) weekly column on How I Work. One of my favorite parts […]

August 10, 2014


Review, Tech

If you’re like me you read blog posts, articles, sites and everything else on the net using multiple devices. I use quite a few tools to make this happen, including Pocket, Evernote, Send to Kindle and others. I’ve found a new application that allows you to push links, articles, to do lists, maps, etc. from […]

March 6, 2014


Review, Tech

While reading a Lifehacker post on what successful and techy people use I stumbled upon the Life360 app. This site and corresponding smart phone app (iPhone/Android/BlackBerry) helps you keep track of family members via GPS. After a quick installation you’ll be asked to create an account. I did this from their site and this makes the process […]

January 26, 2013

The Noticer – Andy Andrews


I’ve just finished reading “The Noticer” by Andy Andrews (Thomas Nelson, 2009) and I am finding words almost inadequate to describe this book. I read where Nancy Lopez (LPGA Hall of Fame golfer) had said “This is the best book I have ever read in my life”. I’m not much for hyperbole, but I believe […]

April 27, 2009

What’s Age Got To Do With It? – Book Review


Although nowhere near the type of book I usually read or review, Robin McGraw’s “What’s Age Got To Do With It?” has it’s place among the self help releases.  This offering does bring together experiences and advice, but I couldn’t help but feel a little deja’ vu while reading it. Most of the subject matter has been […]

April 18, 2009

Why I Use What I Use

Review, Tech

Everyone has their favorites when it comes to things technical. Some swear by the Palm series of phones, others are fanatical about their iPhones (you know who you are). I have friends who use Google Reader for the blog aggregator while I perfer another application. Because there are so many applications, downloads and free software […]

March 21, 2009