If you’re like me you read blog posts, articles, sites and everything else on the net using multiple devices. I use quite a few tools to make this happen, including Pocket, Evernote, Send to Kindle and others. I’ve found a new application that allows you to push links, articles, to do lists, maps, etc. from your desktop or browser directly to your iPhone or Android. It’s called PushBullet and is by a team of developers in San Francisco.

It’s as easy as downloading the Chrome Extension and/or the Windows plugin, downloading the app to your phone and syncing the two by logging in using your Gmail account. That’s all there is to it. On a page of your favorite website and want to finish reading later? PushBullet to your phone. Have a quick note that you want to send to yourself? Go to the PushBullet site and click the icon representing your phone and type away. It’s quicker than emailing yourself a note and it displays as an alert on your lock screen on the iPhone (iOS7). 

Give it a try, it’s a very quick and easy way to stay connected across multiple devices. 

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