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Update: A great new resource has come out that reviews a few items that I have used but didn’t make this earlier post. There are some great tips and how-to’s included. Check it out here. (h/t to Laura S).

Lifehacker has a wonderful (sometimes) weekly column on How I Work. One of my favorite parts of the column has to do with the question “What apps/software/tools can’t you live without? Why?”

This always gets people talking about the special app or software that without it’s existence their work would be much more difficult. I have several of those and I’ll try my best to relay why they are important in this and posts to follow. So for today, it’s Scrivener by Literature & Latte.

The more writing I do (and these days that’s alot) the more I love Scrivener. It tracks multiple pieces of writing within one project. I think most people write this way, as opposed to a more linear way of writing.  It keeps up with all of the research common in longer pieces, especially non-fiction writing. It’s output options are almost unlimited and can publish straight to all of the popular formats including iBooks, screenplay, e-books and various versions of paperbacks.

It really is a very well thought out ecosystem of writing tools wrapped into a simple to follow and learn application. I use the Mac version and it currently sells for $45.

Next time, Evernote.

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