Listening to “Old” Music

We all have those old albums or CDs that we revisit to relive the good ole days. I have a few that I go back to whenever I’m feeling like time is moving too fast. Frampton Comes Alive, the first Franke and the Knockouts album, Steely Dan’s Aja. they all bring back different memories and feelings.

Listening always makes me wonder what they artists are doing now. I still follow these three bands, although Franke and the Knockouts aren’t together any longer, I still follow Frank Previte, the amazing singer.

I wonder if they know how much those albums and memories mean to us?

Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Henry Lee Summer. His first two albums were on heavy rotation when I was younger. He’s continued to release albums with his last release being 2001’s Big Drum.

Listening makes me want to reach out to Henry Lee and tell him how much I enjoyed, and continue to enjoy his music.

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