What better time and date to relaunch this blog than today?

I rarely make New Year’s resolutions but I do appreciate the clean start a new calendar can bring. I’ve seen some very well done posts from my friends lately and I have a few FB friends who can literally make you LOL so in their honor I think I’ve give this another go.

What will be the topics you ask? Just about anything that catches me funny or strange. Maybe a serious post every now and then. Some blogs are more geared towards a certain topic or stream of consciousness, I think this one will be a little different since I think we all go through different phases at different times.

So, point your RSS readers to my feed here and I promise to write often.


  1. I like the design of your blog. What theme are you using.

    • It’s one called Amazing Grace – I’m still tinkering with it. Can’t seem to find a theme I’m happy with for more than a week or two. My ADD I guess…

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