Civility, Faith and A Choice

It’s amazing and incredibly sad how divided we have become as a nation. As a country we have for some time been separate from the rest of the world. America was seen as different, as something that everyone (almost) wanted to be a part of. Wars have been started and good men and women dies for the freedoms we now enjoy. I feel those days are gone. Over.

Now there doesn’t seem to be any act that we can take that is not ridiculed, derided or mocked. Small things that used to go by without as much as a whisper now routinely start a 1,000 comment tirade by the masses. Hiding behind keyboards makes it easy to call another person a word that you would probably never say out loud. But even that is now becoming a thing of the past. Name calling, endless screaming matches where no one is heard is becoming an everyday event. No longer worth sending a news crew out for another protest turned riot.

Universities not allowing a person to speak are common. And we’re not talking about the fringe element, just anyone who doesn’t agree with you. College kids now need safe spaces, because hearing thoughts and ideas that do not align with their own could cause them to ‘feel bad’. Where we used to agree to disagree, we now shout louder or just walk away and tweet nasty things about the speaker.

People look down upon the old Andy Griffith show as out-dated and corny. Their care for each other, the true friendship, where grace wins out and being polite won the day, those are all seen as old fashioned. The fly-over states are viewed as backwater and out of touch, their citizens routinely made fun of and regulated to second class. Organized religion is mocked and downplayed as just something weak people practice. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It takes a firm and fearless faith to stand up to the scorn and disdain heaped on people who look to Jesus as our savior and teacher.

I am so grateful, now more than ever, that this is not our home. Sin has moved our collective idea of what is acceptable so far away from what we used to believe it to be, that it is hardly recognizable. When I read my bible, or listen to a sermon, I’m not doing it because I’m weak and trying to escape the world. I do it because it is from there I get my strength. The wise, timeless words, parables and stories teach the real truth.

What we do on this earth is important. Really important. Our jobs, our families and those we come in contact with are all important. But how we live and prepare for eternity is the most important thing of all. In the end there are only two outcomes, two results, we will all reach a binary end. You are either saved or lost. Spending eternity in heaven or hell. Forever with God, or forever apart from God.

I’ve heard it said that one day it will be too late to make the choice to follow Jesus. Hell is filled with souls that at one point had their last chance to accept him as Lord. Can you imagine the regret.

Do not let that moment go by without making the right decision in the only one that has eternal consequences.

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