Social Media and the Future

Due to unforeseen circumstances (serious back injury) I was put into a position where I was absent from social media for the past 4 weeks. I. Loved. It.

Not hearing the rhetoric and vitriol that the platforms have become was a very welcome change. I can honestly say I have not missed it in the least. I may have missed out on the occasional opportunity to wish someone a happy birthday but I have thoroughly enjoyed the freedom, and the extra time, that I was afforded by not logging on.

Coincidently I watched The Social Dilemma, and while I had already decided to cease social media use, it certainly did nothing to change my mind.

I will continue to stay away from Facebook and Instagram except for the occasional post on my Our Memphis History profiles to publicize current and upcoming episodes. Our newest episode just dropped about Latinos in Memphis, you can hear it wherever you get your podcasts or you can listen here.

I will increase my presence on this blog and post here when I would have normally posted to Facebook or Instagram.

In the meantime please use the subscribe link in the sidebar to be alerted when I post a new story, memory or picture.

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