The Truth About You

Review / Monday, November 17th, 2008

The Truth About You

At first glance Marcus Buckingham’s latest book, “The Truth About You – Your Secret to Success”, looks to be a quick read at 110 pages. But for those who think of themselves as students of the personal growth genre, this book stands out for all the right reasons. First, when I say ‘book’, I actually mean more than just print on paper. The Truth About You comes with a 22 minute DVD and a ReMemo Pad, which along with the ideas captured in the book section make this a true toolkit for finding your strengths. There is a method to Buckingham’s genius. First, watch the video, which consists of a short story of young musician unhappy in his current situation. Secondly, read the book and do the quick exercises in each chapter. Lastly you’re given an assignment to record your likes and dislikes over the next two weeks. The author’s clever use of an audio-free movie along with his commentary, make what could easily be a distraction a well presented prelude to the book.

The premise of The Truth About You is based around the idea that if you focus on the tasks which you are naturally gifted and strongest in, you can design you life and job around those strengths. We all have areas were we excel, where we’re ‘in the zone’. This book helps you realize those strengths, and conversely weaknesses, so you can better map out your path to success. Don’t be fooled by the simple and casual tone of the writing, the underlying thread and theory is solid.

Along the way Mr. Buckingham breaks down a few business cliches including why there is no “I” in team and why working on your weaknesses is futile.  Overall a quick but very worthwhile read.

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