The Web in 2010??

Face it, we all like technology and wonder how it may be used in the future. Check out this video from Adaptive Path for a peek.

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  1. This Aurora concept is interesting. They’re tying a bunch of (until now) abstractions into something meaningful. I first saw Z-axis stuff at least 10 years ago. While it was fun to play with, it didn’t demonstrate to me that it was an improvement over any existing user intefaces. Now throw in a Surface computer into the mix. You can easily see how it would work with this browser. Looking at their implementation of a “desktop” is a bit daunting, but suddenly I see similarities in way we group and layer thoughts, ideas and tasks in our mind. I’m seeing more than just a browser, this is an operating system, this is the way your brain works.

    It’s very awkward to attempt any of this in today’s operating systems. Now I see what they lack, the Z-axis showing the relationship of time, not to mention the fluidity of Aurora. In my daily work, all my files are necessarily organized in a system of hierarchies scattered in different locations on different servers. It’s a frequent occurrence that I have to back out multiple folders, then drill down multiple levels somewhere else. I often get stopped in my tracks… I simply forget what I’m doing, due to the rigidity and crudeness of the operating system. It’s incapable of building a visual of the information objects that I need to complete the task at hand. And just when I get a mental picture of where everything is in my brain, poof, the phone rings, and I have to start over. How often do you find that several hours have passed while working “in the zone” on a computer?

    This just may be revolutionary. Where do I buy stock?

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