What’s Age Got To Do With It? – Book Review

What's Age Got To Do With It?

Although nowhere near the type of book I usually read or review, Robin McGraw’s “What’s Age Got To Do With It?” has it’s place among the self help releases.  This offering does bring together experiences and advice, but I couldn’t help but feel a little deja’ vu while reading it. Most of the subject matter has been done before, with the possible exception of the still new subject of hormone replacement which she endorses, and it’s ground well covered. We all believe that at certain times it’s best to put yourself first and to work on your health, wellness and lifestyle. 

The writing is conversational and friendly, which gives the book the feel of advice from someone who wants to help, but without being overbearing. Topics covered are everything from makeup tips to health screening and focus, not surprisingly, on the fairer sex. Mrs. McGraw’s recomendations for putting yourself first are I’m sure welcomed by the women who spend much too much time on their kids, husbands and careers. I personally wish the last chapter on faith had been a little longer. This subject has more to do with overall well being than some of the areas covered earlier in the book.  

All in all What’s Age Got To Do With It is an enjoyable read and could entice some women to make even sutble changes to their lifestyles in order to live a happier and healthy life.

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