Why I Listen to Classical Music

conductorIf you’ve ridden with me in the past few months you have noticed that I’m listening to classical music in the truck. In fact my XM is usually tuned to the POPS station. Why you ask? I’ll tell you.

I enjoy the calmness of the music and the mental picture it paints.

There, I’ve said it. I enjoy calm. If you have driven in Memphis in the last 20 years you’ll understand.

I also listen to classical in my office and while I’m working at home. I listen to classical while I’m trying to learn a new coding language or while I’m working on a new website.

I find the style of the music is as varied as the music to today, and ALOT easier to listen to. I wonder if during their time the ld composers were chided for being to ‘far out’?

I also listen to jazz and classic rock at times but lately, it’s all about the Ravel. More on him in a future post.

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